Do you want to maximize/amplify the reach of the message to your public? Then you need our media relations services. Based in Brussels, Buscardini Communications has a rich and varied media portfolio constantly feeding the several media outlets in Belgium and abroad. Brussels is the epicenter of decision-making in the European Union. Regions, cities, enterprises from all around the world have a stake on how policy is shaped. They lobby, they engage with the media. Brussels hosts not only EU-based journalists, but also correspondents from every continent. We go one step further and not only make sure that the press covers your events: we target the experts on the field and make sure they are the ones who attend your event.

We take care of organizing press trips abroad with a very specific scope be it cultural, tourism or business oriented. We make sure that relevant media coverage for your needs is provided. Coordination with journalists, travel support, securing interviews with key stakeholders, follow up with media outlets, collection of press clippings – in short, every step necessary to reach your audience is guaranteed with Buscardini Communications.

Press trip team | Portugal Fashion 2019 | Porto, Portugal